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Company Profile

President's Message

President KEN GOMI

"Challenge for Technological Innovation"


This motto represents each employee's originality and study for technical target to be accomplished and also shows RYOWA's corporate culture to develop the high quality products in which customers have trust since its founding. Our unceasing challenge spirit has made Ryowa what it is today. Under such company circumstances, we continue to develop a company manufacturing environmentally friendly products and contributing to the community in 21st century.

Ken Gomi

Management Philosophy

Technological Challenge

  • Based on "Challenge and Leap" spirit, RYOWA is a team of highly trained technical experts.

Customers First

  • Based on the "Market-In" strategy, RYOWA is a stand-out company in the electronics industry.

Environment Protection

  • RYOWA keeps developing the products friendly to the earth.

Contribution to Society

  • All employees contribute to society through their work and create a worthwhile company.

Training of Human Resources

  • The growth of each employee leads to the everlasting growth of RYOWA.

Company Outline

Company name RYOWA CO.,LTD.
Location 245, Yonezawa, Chino-City, Nagano-pref., 391-0216 Japan
Foundation September,1982.
Capital JPY 78.5 million
President Ken Gomi
Number of employees 150
Facilities Site 8,520㎡
Building 22,030㎡
Area of business Manufacturing and sales of printed wiring board.
Annual sales JPY 4000 million
Main customers   TOSHIBA CORPORATION Semiconductor Company

Overseas Assembly Company

Company History

Sep.1982 Establishment of RYOWA chemical CO.,LTD by the former president Makoto Gomi in Yonezawa, Chino-city, Nagano-pref.,Japan
Apr.1983 Establishment of RYOWA CO.,LTD with the capital of JPY 5 million
Jun.1983 Transfer of the head office and the factory to Tsukahara in Chino-city and start of COB production
Apr.1986 Acquisition of factory -site of 4950㎡ and building of 1930㎡ in Yonezawa Chino-city
Aug.1986 Reconstruction of the factory in Yonezawa and transfer of the head office at the same location
Transfer of NC factory in Fukuzawa to Yonezawa for raising productivity
Dec.1986 Increase of the capital to JPY 28 million
Jan.1995 Extension of the factory to 448㎡
Establishment of the electrolysis gold plating line
Introduction of various testing equipments
Aug.1996 Certification of ISO9001
Jun.1997 New President, Ken Gomi
Sep.1997 Construction of the second gold plating line. Increase of capital to JPY 78 million
Apr.2000 Completion of the headquarter office and factory
Dec.2004 Certification of ISO14001
Dec.2006 Completion of the second factory

Headquarters Factory, Second Factory

リョウワ245,Yonezawa, Chino-city,
Nagano-pref., 391-0216 Japan