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Environmental Activities

Basic philosophy

Environment Basic Philosophy

Environmental policy

We strive to promote the continuous environmental improvement activities on company-wide based on the following policies.

  • We promote the environmental improvement activities considering the reduction of the influence on the environment and implement the resource saving through 3R (Reduce/Reuse/Recycle) activities.
  • We promote the environmental improvement activities and prevent the environmental pollution based on the environment management system considering managerial and social directions.
  • We preserve the environment by complying with environment-related laws, regulations and community agreements and establishing our internal rules to meet customer needs.
  • All sections set up their targets to reduce the following remarkable influence on the environment occurred from our business activities and review them as necessity requires.
    • Reducing and recycling industrial wastes
    • Saving energy by reducing electric power and water
    • Performing green procurement for all purchased goods as much as possible.
    • Reducing influence on environment through quality improvement activities
  • All employees are raised with awareness of the environment policy. They have goals in accordance with it and strive to achieve them. We also raise the outside people working for RYOWA awareness of our environment policy.
  • We open our environmental policy to let the outside people understand it.
Ken Gomi

Conflict Minerals Policy

 Because the Republic of Congo and neighboring countries mineral outputs is a violation of human rights and from the armed capital , so we do not use these kind of dispute related minerals, smelters and accordingly.