Quality and Environmental Policy

Customer First


We continuously improve the effectiveness of the management system by achieving customer's requirements and company-wide implementation of quality assurance and improvement activities in order to realize customer first principle.

Quality and Environmental Policy


We establish and operate a system to set and review quality and environmental targets in companywide / division in order to achieve the Quality / Environmental Policy.

3r forum


We promote the improvement activities concerned with environmental effects caused as a result of our business activities in all of our sections. always considering the reduction in environmental load.We wrestle with resource saving through 3R(Reduce / Reuse / Recycle) activities.

Management system


We carry out the environmental improvement activities based on the environment management system, and wrestle with the continuing improvement, the preventing pollution and environmental protection considering managerial and social trends.

Environmental conservation efforts


We observe environment-concerned laws / regulations, ordinances, area agreements, etc., and more positively wrestle with the environmental preservation by developing our internal rules that satisfy further customer / clients needs.

Involved in business activities


We in all sections promote the reduction concerned with each of the following items which remarkably affect the environment with regard to the environmental aspects related to our business activities by setting the targets concerned.

  • ・Reducing and recycling industrial wastes.
  • ・Taking actions to reduce the use of electric power and water, thereby performing cnergy saving.
  • ・Performing green procurement of all purchased goods as much as possible.
  • ・Reduce environmental side by quality improvement actions.

Quality / Environmental Policy


We thoroughly imform all of our staff of the Quality / Environmental Policy through in-house notice, and our whole staff have targets according to the policy and wrestle with the quality / environmental management.

Our quality


We disclose our Quality / Environmental Policy to the general in documents so that all of internal and external people may know it.



President, Tatsuya Gomi