Society and our Environmental Commitments

Corporate Policy


Using our limited resources in a respectful manner to manufacture printed circuit boards, we always aim to provide environmentally friendly products that serve well for both global environment and industry developments.

Green Procurement


RYOWA gives a priority to materials that create less burden on the environment when we procure raw materials consumables and facilities. We also establish the Green Procurement system at RYOWA that enforces us to eliminate or reduce the specified hazardous substances. In this Green Procurement system, we can make sure that our business activities create substantially less environmental burden.

Realizing urgent necessity of reducing negative impacts on the environment and respecting the WEEE, RoHS and REACH directives that regulate environment related rules and manners, RYOWA takes a full responsibility as a manufacturer by strictly selecting purchased materials focusing on chemical substances contained in the materials.

These environmental regulations are revised often, and we need to constantly make sure and sometimes prove that our products are fully complaint to the updated regulations. RYOWA expects our suppliers to understand the importance of such activities in the industry and perform investigations on applicable chemical substances and provide us with updated information and data according to these regulations.

Conflict Minerals


RYOWA is deeply concerned that some minerals are being a source of funds for armed groups in Democratic Republic of Congo and adjoining countries and harming human rights. We expand our surveys to the smelters related to our products to confirm that our products don’t contain any such minerals and processed materials related to them.

Environmental Commitments


Keep our property clean.
Keep access roads clean.
Train ourselves to prevent leakage of chemical solvents.
Train ourselves to prevent leakage of organic solvents.
Preform fire and earthquake drills.

Other actions.


Nurture Next Generation

RYOWA accommodates various working styles so that each individual can output their best performance focusing on achieving a good work and life balance.

RYOWA has set a plan for 5 years between 4/1/2020 – 3/31/2027 to achieve the following two goals:

  • Goal 1:Introduce a system to hire employees who have retired to give birth or to bring up their child.
  • Goal 2:Introduce an internship program for youth and accept factory tours for local children.