Our Teams

Manufacturing Team

We make products. More specifically, we manufacture printed circuit boards at RYOWA.
We use many different machines for it.
Operation procedures and rules are defined and prepared so that anybody who may not have the skills or experience can manage the work. We respect values that we create by making real products.

Manufacturing Team Manager of Manufacturing Team

Inspection Team

Inspecting the products to determine whether to pass or reject the products, we feel proud that we ensure customers and users satisfaction.
Training is well prepared and provided to all the team members whether experienced or not.
We also aim to be capable of managing multiple tasks in addition to the inspections.

Inspection Team Manager of Inspection Team
Sales Team Manager of Sales Team

Sales Team

We are the windows of RYOWA to our customers. We receive orders, requests for adjusting delivery, demands for design and quality, and many other inputs related to our products. We deliver the requests and inputs to our applicable teams to coordinate communications between customers and the internal teams and to build reliable relationships with customers.

Production and Engineering Team Manager of Production and Engineering

Production and Engineering Team

Production and Engineering team creates one from zero and changes the one to ten.
There are many different ways to make printed circuit boards. Before we make our products, we spend a lot of time thinking, checking to make sure to get the best results. Much knowledge and experiences are needed, but the resulting achievements give us so much excitement and satisfaction.

QA Team Manager of QA team

QA Team

Quality Assurance needs to be done from a view of our customers side.
We believe that performing inspections and tests consistently and steadily from our customers and users view is the way to obtain trust in our products.

Administration and Human Resource and Accounting Teams

Administration team handles negotiations and discussions with outside entities and manages office consumables and other materials.
Human Resource team manages employments and work hours.
Accounting team manages assets and business expenses and revenues from daily transactions. Financial data is sorted and summarized to the accounting profile, which is audited monthly by our management and the financial auditor to prove its correctness.
The three teams proudly support all the activities at RYOWA to update our business practices and ensure a comfortable work environment for all the employees.

Administration and Human Resource and Accounting Teams Administration Team