Interview with our President

President Joined RYOWA in October, 1996.

Tatsuya Gomi

I feel grateful for this opportunity when I receive thankful messages and comments from our customers, suppliers and employees.

I’m happy that I have met many different people through RYOWA, of different ages and from different countries. I have many colleagues and friends here.

I feel comfortable to be a part of RYOWA since I have colleagues who care about me not only for work and business but also for private matters.

I enjoy fishing and watching pro-wrestling.

Go for a drive anywhere and eat good local foods there.

I want to make sure that RYOWA grows further towards our 50th anniversary, which is in 11 years. The growth needs to include all parts of RYOWA and all its employees.
And, I want to make sure that all of our employees and their families and everybody involved in RYOWA feels happy about their commitments in RYOWA.