Interview with Carrier Manager

Human Resource Manager

Takashi Kobayashi

We don’t specifically look for high academic scores or careers.
We hope to meet honest, faithful and hardworking individuals.

For example, we think that a person who has been active in social activities and sports may have strong mental capability.

Each one of us is a professional being paid to work.
You put full performance to fulfill your tasks and responsibilities.
And, always think ahead for yourself as you work.

Work is not a chore. Chore is something that is set up and given to you. Work is something valuable that you create and provide to others.
To achieve the work, you may need to perform some chores, but you still need to work with somebody to complete it. Work can be done only by interacting with others.
Making one piece of product can’t be done by yourself alone. Many processes and people are involved in creating and completing one piece. Each one of us need to think to improve our own work and think for the next process and our customers.That’s not easy to do but is important for craftmanship and professionalism.

I’m stilling learning every day.I failed many times and learned a lot from those failures. All of those make my experiences and career. No failure no success.
I appreciate challengers who tackle hardships rather than hesitate.