Interview with Team Members

joined the manufacturing team in April 2018.


I thought RYOWA’s profile was interesting among other companies on my job hunting list. Particularly I got excited about making printed circuit boards as I learned more about the technologies.

Considering many aspects such as efficiencies, processing time, quantities and quality to run the production per required plan is challenging and exciting for me.

Being able to discuss any subjects with senior workers and managers in the team is really nice. They correct and also appreciate my work in a respective manner. They patiently explain and instruct me with the details until I’m capable and confident. I also enjoy talking about wrestling with the president.

Snowboarding, driving, gym training, and watching pro-wrestling.New Japan Pro-Wrestling is my favorite.

I go traveling and shopping using the money I earned.

joined the inspection team in April, 2014.


I was simply interested in the manufacturing industry. Particularly, listening to explanations about the laser marking process was very interesting for me.

I feel an achievement when I see a completed product that has been inspected by the inspection data that I made and see the laser printing on it.

I have some colleagues around my age, and that makes me comfortable. Food at cafeteria is tasty and wallet friendly.

I like web surfing.

I read books and farm at home.

joined the sales team in March, 2020.


I wanted to be a person that connects Japan and Taiwan.

When I see that our customers are satisfied using my first language, I feel very content.

Everybody is friendly, and I’m learning a lot and feel comfortable working here.
I’m happy that I can use my language skills for work.

Cooking, watching movies and listening to music.

Cooking and BBQing as well as watching movies with my family.I like to spend time with my family.

joined the engineering team in November 2007.


I like new items and was interested in boards that are used in new computers, cell phones, home appliances and other machines. I was looking for work that was involved in making boards.

When I finally managed to do something I wasn’t able to before and when I’m needed by somebody else, I feel valued.

Everybody in the team is putting full force. I’m still learning, but I think I have gained experiences and knowledges that make me an independent person in society through my work.

I enjoy BBQing with my family and friends.

I make and build things with DIY.

joined the quality assurance team in 2014.


I was involved in quality assurance related work before, and I wanted to make use of my experiences.

I control and maintain the chemical solvents in the manufacturing floor. I’m aware of my responsibility as this affects the quality of our products. I’m determined to detect any abnormal signs to prevent any defectiveness beforehand.

My work needs communication with other teams. Everybody even in other teams are generous and caring, and I feel comfortable managing my work with anybody at RYOWA.

Traveling and watching sports.

I go traveling and play sports.